About the company

Dear partners!


Joint-stock company Kuznetsov factory, is advantageously located in the Southern part of St. Petersburg, on Finlyandskaya ulitsa, in an industrial area in Kolpino region, not far from the main traffic intersections (Moskovskoye shosse, Sofiyskaya ulitsa, ring motorway). The square of the ground is more than 14 hectares. For the production and stock issues we possess the demanded facilities, energetic powers, railroad spur and the other pieces of infrastructure.                


As far as our company realizes production and leasing, and possesses all the necessary stuff, it has an opportunity to offer not only short-term, but also long-term contracts for mutually profitable investment production and stock projects to its Russian and foreign partners. The vacant areas, properties, hangars, temporary structures, offices and working spaces can satisfy any partners or lessees' demands on profitable terms.


In many facilities of Joint-stock company Kuznetsov factory, today, there are production, stock, sales departments of our strategic partner OOO «MONITORING», which is the main producer of testing, technical, food and other mixed gases in the North-Western region of Russia, and the other companies as well. Nevertheless, there are perspective facilities for both small and large production and stock projects equipped with all the necessary infrastructure we can offer.


Our values:

- economy legislation compliance;

- long-term purposes priority and the united strategy;

- business efficiency and projective approach;

- development and improvement;

- experience, traditions and corporative culture;

- understanding and mutually profitable satisfaction of the partners' interests.


Cooperation with Joint-stock company Kuznetsov factory, is the guaranty of your success!


Chairman of board of directors of

Joint-stock company Kuznetsov factory.

Ruslan Igorevich Orekhovskiy